Why I found Aa.Vv.

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My first interest is the Image.

While I was looking for images, I realised that image has its own life, able to self-replicate and to spread itself. The image circulates outiside of the context in which it was produced. It does not belong to its “author”. Every time it is used it develops new meaning. It is created by creating a machine (IT infrastuctures) or by graph data-base. It spreads over an extensive networking of communicative practice. I focused on the interactions of the image with other media, I discovered new contexts to explore and a new paradigm of knowledge production.

I found what I was not looking for.

So, what’s going on? Which language, vocalization, and/or physical movement and gesture we have to use to reveal the elements and images of a story? Aa.Vv. was born after inspiring talks and reflexions about art and tech with Andrea. At the end of our conversations, it was ‘clear’ that technology needs more poetry and poetry needs more technology.

So, technology and art. Not just technology itself, but what we can do with it, and what impact it had, has, and, above all, will have, on our relationships. I have been captivated by Transmedia storytelling to spread content and create new worlds and as a new way of learning. I think that the need to express oneself through whatever medium, should arise from experiences, not of a technical nature. I mean a kind of experience that anyone unconnected with that medium can share, potentially everywhere, anytime.

I want to found Aa.Vv. to escape from my old ideas. I want to cover something that belongs to my experience, but not at the level of distant experience, but into the heart of its manifestation.

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The acronym Aa.Vv. is the latin expression Autores Varii, various authors. Aa.Vv. is followed by .io domain extension, the result is the italian word ‘avvio’, which means start.