Etat de transit

Transit migration in Morocco, 2008

  • Prince, Casablanca, august 2008
  • Nadège, Kasbete Amine, july 2008 I spent a year in India. My friend convinced me to leave for Europe. Just arrived, we took a hotel room. Few days later he disappeared with all the money for the crossing. I am afraid to go out alone in the neighborhood
  • Mohammedia, july 2008. Monday shaved Samson's head. Spain, Belgium, Italy ... anywhere, that is enough, leave this country! Here we spent the day doing nothing, among compatriots ...
  • Bar Station, Marrakech, august 2008
  • Mohammedia, august 2008
  • Hay Mohammedi, april 2008. Since 2000 Mogroso patient. He is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. In Morocco he met Brigitte, his wife. That day two friends came to visit him.
  • Casablanca, Kasbete Amine, july 2008 Prince has built a ship with homemade equipment.To start first money and then luck
  • Casablanca, july 2008, Mogrosso. While my wife was hospitalized in Oujda, my little son embarked with his aunt. He drowned with others. If Europe gave money to Morocco to stop and kill us, then it also has its responsibilities in this tragedy
  • Casablanca, old Médina, april 2008. In front of Police station. Raids are regularly held in the neighborhoods of large cities. When migrants are arrested, they were driven to the Algerian border. They recrossing the border a few days or even hours.
  • Casablanca, august 2008, Prince
  • Casablanca, april 2008. Little Blessing was treated at the health center El_Widane. During the waiting period, children born in Morocco. The fact of having no legal existence poses enormous difficulties for treatment.
  • Casablanca, Abous, april 2008
  • Casablanca, april 2008. Rosemary, I come downtown to beg. Sometimes Pastor Brown helps my baby Miracle. Here is not easy especially when we encounter people who call us azzi, black in Arabic and there are even that throw stones at us
  • Hay Mohammedi, april 2008. Mina had rented a room for 500 dirhams (50 euros) per month to Mogroso and his family, It was a Friday.. the warm invitation to stay for dinner with them.
  • Around Beni Mellall, april 2008
  • Casablanca, Maarif parking taxis, april 2008

This Project has been funded by Ong C.N.C.D. based in Brussels. The exhibition has been shown at ‘Casa del arte’ in Casablanca in november 2008, at ‘Maison de Amerique Latine’ in Brussels in december 2008 and throughout the Belgium in 2009.

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